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InHouse Publishing has a strong team of independent publishing experts who offer up-to-date and creative input to any author’s publication, from the editorial, design, and production stages, through to marketing to traditional channels alongside specialised and direct markets. Finally, InHouse Publishing offers services relevant for any author endeavouring to reach the entire spectrum of their potential market, through eBook creation and Print-on-Demand services.

At InHouse Publishing our aim is to build a simplified, secure, and supported process in all aspects of the independent publishing journey. It is the author who lives with passion and writes for months – even years, and it is the author who should enjoy and achieve the available success. The rewards, whether financial, emotional, professional, spiritual, or educational, are the author’s to enjoy. InHouse Publishing puts the author first. We give you all the tools required to truly achieve the goals you set and guide you through the independent publishing process with confidence.

For any writer, independent publishing is an incredibly powerful and alluring concept. On the simplest level, it is an intriguing solution to an age-old problem: how do you get your words to a wide audience? On an artistic level, publishing is a fantastic extension of the creative process. Beyond putting words on the page, the independent publisher actually controls every aspect and calls the shots, makes the final decision, and with guidance from professionals and experts in their field, creates the physical and/or eBook and actively brings it to an audience with pride. At InHouse Publishing, we understand this and listen to our authors and their publishing goals and aspirations for their independently published books.


InHouse Publishing makes up one-third of the InHouse Group, and one of its sister companies InHouse Print & Design handles the printing side of your publication. The great advantage to this is that every part of the publishing process is literally in-house, which means that quality control is achieved throughout every part of the publishing process via constant communication between every InHouse team member who has a hand in producing your publication; from manager, to editor, to designer, to printer, to distributor.

Now here’s some info from the team behind InHouse Print & Design: “We been family-owned and operated for over fifteen years. In those years, we have grown to be able to accommodate all our customers’ printing needs. From getting flyers produced, to printing and installing shopfront signage, we do it all, and we do it with our family-styled customer service.

‘Modern methods such as laser and ink-jet printing are known as digital printing. In digital printing, an image is sent directly to the image press using digital files such as PDFs and those from graphics software such as Illustrator, Corel, and InDesign. This eliminates the need for a printing plate, used in offset printing, saving money and time. Without the need to create a plate, digital printing has brought about fast turnaround times and printing-on-demand. Instead of having to print large, pre-determined runs, requests can be made for as little as one copy.

‘InHouse Print & Design has a large and progressive production department to serve all digital needs, plus strong relationships with Australian offset print businesses when the need calls for the larger runs.

‘We have some of the best machinery in the industry, both in print and finishing. We spare no expense when purchasing machinery; if we need it, we will buy it. This fearless attitude has allowed us to grow so rapidly and have the means to produce the best quality printing on the market.

Building3‘Customer service is one of InHouse Print & Design’s greatest strengths. We have always had the ability to take care of our customers in their time of need, befriend them, and always have time for a good laugh or a coffee. We seem to stray from conventional business ethics where business is just business, and focus more on personal relationships and friendships with our customers. This is why we have a strong customer base that continues to grow with time.

‘Businesses earn your long-term support because they exceed your expectations. They treat you with respect. They make you feel that you are the most important part of their business. We aim to treat our customers exactly how we wish to be treated. To do that, we take essential steps within the culture of our business to ensure you feel at home.”


Book Publishing AustraliaWe all strive to make work as fulfilling as possible, so that everyone is committed and happy working in the business. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a place for our customers to feel welcome and know they can trust our products and services. The InHouse team is responsive, accessible, available, and willing to help you whenever needed. Some business principles come and go. As a company grows and develops, takes on new staff, introduces new services; the principles on which the company may have been founded tend to mutate over time. This is not the case at InHouse.

If history teaches us anything, it’s that ethics and character count, especially in business. Huge organisations have been destroyed, and others seriously damaged, by executives and managers with an extreme focus on ambition and intelligence but with no moral compass. In today’s ultra-competitive, technology-driven business world, charisma without conscience and cleverness without character are a recipe for economic and personal failure of epic proportions. Understanding competition, ambition, and innovation will always be important to success, but they must be regulated by some core ethical principles that are a natural and important part of the InHouse family.

What are these principles? When exploring this, it was apparent ethical principles are universal. Standards of right and wrong define the outline of InHouse’s principles – simple. In business, how people judge your character is critical to sustainable success because it is the basis of trust and credibility. Both of these essential assets can be destroyed by actions which are, or are perceived to be, unethical. Therefore, a successful business must be concerned with both their character and their reputation. When acting with honesty and integrity, no matter what the outcome, the result will always be what is right. Trusting our own ethics and beliefs in life and in business ensures that you can always go home singing and know that you have done right by your colleagues, your clients and yourself.