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InHouse Publishing has a strong team of independent publishing experts who offer up-to-date and creative input to any author’s publication, from the appraisal, editorial, design, and production stages, through to marketing, promotion and distribution. This also includes the desire to reach your intended audience through eBook development and global Print-on-Demand services.

At InHouse Publishing our aim is to build a simplified, secure, and supported process in all aspects of the independent publishing journey. It is the author who lives with passion and writes for months – even years, and it is the author who should enjoy and achieve the available success. The rewards, whether financial, emotional, professional, spiritual, or educational, are the author’s to enjoy. InHouse Publishing puts the author first. We give you all the tools required to truly achieve the goals you set and guide you through the independent publishing process with confidence.

For any writer, independent publishing is an incredibly powerful and alluring concept. On the simplest level, it is an intriguing solution to an age-old problem: how do you get your words to a wide audience? On an artistic level, publishing is a fantastic extension of the creative process. Beyond putting words on the page, the independent author actually controls every aspect and calls the shots, makes the final decision, and with guidance from professionals and experts in their field, creates the physical and/or eBook and actively brings it to an audience with pride. At InHouse Publishing, we understand this and listen to our authors and their publishing goals and aspirations for their independently published books.

The team that assist in publishing your work are all InHouse – from editors, designers, printers, binders, marketing experts, web designers, video producers, and more. We keep a strong grasp on the publishing process to ensure you have a trade standard publication to be proud of and the support behind it to release it with pride and confidence. Begin your publishing journey the right way with the simplified, secure and supported team that is InHouse Publishing. Your Independent Publishing journey starts here!


Ocean Reeve Publishing Manager – There is something about listening to an author tell me why they want to write or what they have written and their goal with their book that makes me feel a human connection that I can’t get from any other role I have held. From 2002 I have been in the publishing industry (traditional, educational, independent), and now I have found my home at InHouse. Guiding authors through this journey and being a part of who they are and what makes them smile, just works for me. I understand authors and their goals and can honestly commit to their passion as though it was mine. For the last five years I have been doing exactly that in Australia, and as much as I love being a Kiwi, Australian authors and writers are some of the most diverse and talented people I have ever met.


Kaya Edwards Lead Editor/Client Manager – As the lead editor working at InHouse Publishing, it is my job to ensure InHouse is producing books with content to a trade standard. InHouse Publishing does so much more than take your writing and wrap it in a cover – at InHouse, the publishing journey is about working closely with your goals, offering everything that a traditional publishing house does from manuscript appraisal to editing and design, so that we can be sure to produce a book that both you as author, and us as the team at InHouse Publishing, can be proud of.


Caroline Mackay Editor/Client Manager – As one of the editors and client liaisons here at InHouse, my responsibilities are to read through, appraise, edit, proofread, and format manuscripts, all to trade standard. I also assist our authors through every step of their publishing journey. While my formal training as an editor dictates brutal dedication to the rules of language, the reader in me appreciates each manuscripts unique style and author voice. I enjoy getting to know our author’s through their work, whether it is a fiction or non-fiction book.


Bob Karlsson Owner – InHouse is a big part of me. I started it from scratch and it’s amazing where it is going- thanks also to the others involved. When not at work I hove simple tastes: fresh air, o good cup of coffee, and peace. I’m happy to potter around at home fixing things, and by the way it’s me that makes the coffee. My Saturday treat is a cheese platter by the pool with my wife and poodle. We are now the family elders, as all parents have passed. The grandchildren ore a good way to pass the time and it’s good to watch them grow and develop.


Di Karlsson Owner – I love the fact that I am semi-retired and I also love that we have great staff and things run just as well without me. I still play an active role as consultant, and bucket-of-ice-water-chucker when ‘he who must be obeyed’ (aka Husband Bob) gets a little excited. Popping Bob back down to earth occasionally is my duty! It’s great that my kids and their kids work for us, so it will always be a family business.


Nevada Matthews Print Manager – My responsibilities as I see them are making sure the business runs smoothly, from making sure the jobs get done on time to making customers coffee. I love it all. I can honestly say that no two days are the same for me. In the future I hope to continue the businesses success well into the future and allow Grandude (Bob) to be able to have extended time off without worrying about the business.


Chrisstie Matthews Lead Designer – My role here in the present is varied, I am the lead designer at InHouse but my main focus is customer relations. We have been doing this for a long time now and built up some wonderful friendships with our customers, some of whom have been with us from the start. I see the future for InHouse holding more of the same development, relationships, and expansion.


Debbie Davison Admin Manager – My primary duties are accounts, job logging, and customer-related duties. There is never a boring day, time does not drag in this job as there is always something happening. There is always something new to learn. I work with some of the nicest people I have ever had the good fortune to meet, and the positive team-oriented attitude of everyone here is so refreshing.


Jacob Dunn Production Manager – We have a great team here at InHouse Print & Design, nobody feels excluded, and we always get the job done. I started my employment here approximately three years ago after leaving my previous workplace. I am very happy to be here and I work with such wonderful people.


Guy Kirk Signs Manager – As the manager of InHouse Signs, my day-to-day role is to ensure wide format jobs are completed in a timely manner at the quality level expected by our clients. At the same time, I am always responding to the calls of, “Guy! My computer’s not working!” Wide format has come a long way in the business, from InHouse having one hobby machine to now, in a very short space of time, numerous production machines, and with more on the way.


Teresa Martin Bindery Manager– Been in print industry for 35 years from customer sales, typesetting, bindery, have been in supervisory position for nearly 18 years. I take my role seriously as I want to deliver to the customer the best possible job and on time. I would like to be with the company till I retire, I enjoy the friendship and family atmosphere.


Tahni Metzger Apprentice – I’m currently a Digital Printing Apprentice at InHouse so I will be learning all machines in the factory all while helping out the creative graphic designer (Chrisstie Matthews}, I om enjoying getting to know all the lovely staff at InHouse and I look forward to expanding my knowledge in the industry.


Annie Tau Bindery Assistant – I work in the bindery, since I’ve started I’ve learnt a few machines which now I run, like the cello machine, folding machine, the stitching machine and now the wire binding machine. So you can say that i never get bored because I’m always doing different things every day.