Why Independently Publish?


Independent publishing is easy … if you do it the defined way with the right guidance, and that’s why we are the preferred choice when it comes to Self-Publishing or Assisted Independent Book Publishing. Before we explore why independent publishing is the desired choice for thousands of authors, we need to understand the differences between the various publishing options. Let’s see the pros and cons to self-publish, traditionally publish and independently publish.


  • Sign your rights away
  • Lose editorial and design control
  • 60-70% of retail price goes to distributors and booksellers
  • 20-25% of retail price goes to publishers
  • Usually 5-15% goes to the creator of the work – the author (regardless of how the book is sold)
  • Author receives a small number of author copies from large print runs
  • Publishers market through traditional methods – booksellers, launches, media, reviews
  • No online marketing is undertaken – social media, author website, video marketing, specialty store
  • When the publisher is done with the book marketing, any stock is remaindered (sold for huge discounts) and usually no royalties are paid from these sales
  • Author generally would need to buy back the rights to the book if they wanted to keep the publication alive


  • Keep rights of the work
  • Pay for services
  • Not necessarily qualified editors or designers aware of trade standard requirements – depending on who you are working with
  • High print prices for smaller quantities
  • In most cases there is no tangible or focused marketing
  • No online marketing support unless paid
  • 100% royalty to author unless author approves varying selling structure
  • Difficult to connect with distributors, booksellers and libraries


  • Keep rights of the work
  • Pay for services
  • Only qualified editors and designers working on manuscript
  • Feasible print prices from 50+ printed books
  • Marketing platforms, strategies and ongoing promotional assistance
  • Ongoing advice and support
  • 100% royalty to author unless author approves
  • Most Indie Publishers have distribution networks and ability to sell online
  • Total author control with guidance.

The team at InHouse Publishing offers the most up-to-date, hands-on information and expertise for you to publish with ease using our simple 6-step process. Based on the traditional publishing model and incorporating the decision making and control when looking to self-publish, this assisted independent publishing process actually creates tangible and measurable results and success.

You are given personalised and dedicated service from the beginning, whether you wish to have an InHouse meeting, or a Skype or phone conference. We are committed to assisting you to become a published author and enjoy the journey. But first – why should you independently publish your book?


  • Own the rights forever
  • Have input and make the final call on editorial and design
  • Receive far greater royalties from sales
  • Control the destiny and longevity of the story

But – and there is always one – authors need the expertise that a publishing house offers. During the pre-publishing process, through to printing and marketing, it is important that the author is guided by people that are professional and experienced with this process, who can be honest and advise authors of the best course of action through every step. This is not necessarily the case when looking to purely self-publish. That expertise comes from education, experience and credibility.

Authors can’t be expected to edit and proof their own work; they can’t be expected to design a cover or bring the contents to a trade standard; they can’t be expected to know the right process and prices involved in printing; and they can’t be expected to market and promote the completed publication on their own. This is why InHouse Publishing is here. We listen to your goals, plans, and hopes for your book and help you to achieve them with transparency and commitment. The team at InHouse understand the independent publishing journey more than anyone. Not only do we have independent authors on staff, but everyone working on your book has a true passion for the book publishing industry and specifically independent publishing.

The process of independently publishing and promoting your book should be as enjoyable as writing it. No matter who the author and what the book may be, all our customers are met with professional and quality guidance to reach their goals. For us it is the author, the book, and the connection between the two that make this journey truly wonderful and satisfying, and we are proud to be industry leaders in this field. Independently publish with success and do so within a simplified, secure, and supported environment. No other company offers author support services in the independent publishing industry quite like we do.



You have just finished writing your book. The excitement is building as it has now become a living, breathing entity ready to go on a journey away from its creator – at least for now. That’s the first two steps in the independent publishing journey already achieved – plan to write a book, and write a book. Congratulations! Take a moment to enjoy the feeling, it is something to be proud of. The third step is also being completed in this independent publishing journey – YOU ARE HERE READING THIS!

The remaining stages are as simple as 1, 2, 3, and you have the consultants and experts on hand at InHouse Publishing to guide you through every step of the independent publishing process.

A quality trade standard book doesn’t create itself. Getting it right is a partnership between the author and the various experts – the consultants, editors, designers, printers, and marketers. This partnership is built on trust and respect and always has your end goal in mind. You are involved in every decision along the way as you work directly with consultants who manage the independent publishing process for you. At the end of it you receive a professionally, independently published book that you will be proud of, and with the right marketing platform and campaign you will be proud to shout about its existence from the rooftops.

Now what is this process? Click here to go to our 6-Step Independent Publishing Process.

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