Terms and conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS – InHouse Publishing

By contracting InHouse Publishing you are committing to a service providing agreement, where any of the advertised services are provided efficiently, professionally, and with transparency.  As an independent publisher you have control over the destiny of your work, and you own the rights to all files provided and created. InHouse publishing can use any images or samples freely unless otherwise stated by the author/copyright holder.

By signing the independent publishing service providing agreement with InHouse Publishing, you agree to the following terms & conditions:

1.0 Client/Author/Committee agrees to a 50% deposit to be paid upon signing of quote.

2.0 Balance to be paid upon approval of proof copy, unless prior arrangement has been made and documented between InHouse Publishing and Client/Author/Committee.

3.0 Client/Author/Committee agrees that all USBs, CDs, or external devices holding files will be either erased upon completion of service agreement or sent back with final print run upon Client/Author/Committee request.

4.0 Client/Author/Committee agrees to adhere to and within timelines and guidelines implemented by InHouse Publishing in the pre-publishing stages. These stages include ISBN process, Editing and Proofreading, and Cover and Contents Design. Timeline available on request from Client/Author/Committee.

5.0 InHouse Publishing will produce up to two free digital proof copies of the approved cover and contents. Proofs will be unbound. Future proof copies will be charged to the Client/Author/Committee at $40 each.

6.0 Client/Author/Committee agrees that no printing will begin until a physical proof has been approved with no further changes required. Approval of proof copy and files for production are required via email for recording purposes and any errors within agreed files are full responsibility of the Client/Author/Committee. InHouse Publishing will produce proof copies within 2-5 working days of receiving files following a successful pre-press check.

7.0 Client/Author/Committee acknowledges that with the production of digitally produced paperbacks there is an allowable 2mm margin for shift during the digital print process. Client/Author/Committee acknowledges that humidity in some locations can be a factor and can cause a slight wave within the paper stock.  InHouse Publishing recommends that the completed books are stored in a dry environment as this will assist in any waviness settling flat.

8.0 InHouse Publishing agrees to use reputable courier and delivery companies for both proof and production runs when dispatching to Client/Author/Committee. InHouse Publishing is not liable for any damage that has occurred as a result of delay or loss made by delivery services. Client/Author/Committee can refer a delivery service of their choosing and will incur any additional fees acquired.

9.0 InHouse Publishing agrees to review any production faults of the completed print run within 10 working days of completion and delivery of books. Copies returned are at Client/Author/Committee expense. If upon review, InHouse Publishing acknowledges any production faults or unapproved files printed, all copies with fault need to be returned and a reprint will be completed at no cost to the Client/Author/Committee. InHouse Publishing does not provide refunds.

10.0 Client/Author/Committee agrees to a termination fee of $75 upon early termination of service providing agreement. All work completed by InHouse Publishing at the time of termination will be deducted from the 50% deposit and balance paid out to Client/Author/Committee within 10 working days.