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What We Do

ISBN and CiP Services

Your ISBN is your International Standard Book Number, which legally registers your product so it can be catalogued and sold commercially. Your ISBN is used to generate the barcode on the back cover of your book.

Your CiP (Cataloguing-in-Publication) information is used by the Australian library system to catalogue your book. The National Library of Australia (NLA) supplies the CiP listing to be added to your book, which lists details about your title (genre, ISBN, etc.).

As part of our ISBN and CiP package, we also make legal eDeposits of your book to the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Queensland (state of publication).

Manuscript Appraisal

The manuscript appraisal is an objective study of the marketability of your book, as well an assessment of your book’s voice, plot, structure, and more. Your appraisal will be comprehensive and honest, and will encourage and direct you to rewrite areas of your manuscript to make the book relevant and appealing to your target readership.

Editorial Services

InHouse Publishing’s editing and proofreading service comprises a qualified editor performing one complete read-through of your manuscript. Your editor will correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and make notes on any areas they think need your attention.

It is important to note that in order to keep our services affordable for our clients, we offer a simplified editorial process that includes one full proofread. Our accredited editors take pride and care in each manuscript, but this simplified process is not foolproof. A small percentage of errors in any book title is standard in the publishing industry.

In order to maintain your authorial voice, your editor will not perform extensive rewriting. Restructuring at sentence, paragraph, and chapter levels need to be completed by you before the editorial process.

Book Cover Design

The book cover design process includes barcode production, back cover blurb editing, and design of front cover, back cover, and book spine. Changes occur as a back-and-forth process between author and cover designer until the author is satisfied with their final design.

We ask for your input before the design process begins, insofar as images you might want to use, fonts you like, colours that inspire you, and layout ideas you might have. However, if you have no ideas, don’t worry—our cover designer has years of experience and will offer examples and expert advice.

Book Formatting

The book formatting process involves your manuscript being exported from Microsoft Word and set up for print using InDesign software. This set-up includes formatting all text, images, page attributes (page numbers, page headers, etc.), and specifications required for print (correct margins, image bleed, etc.).

We format books to both conform to and creatively challenge industry standards, using our expertise and experience to choose design elements suitable to your book. If you have preferences (e.g. font size or type; design elements; image placement), please let us know in the lead-up to the formatting process.

Book Printing

Once you approve your book files for both content and cover, we print an unbound physical proof copy for you to review.

The first physical proof copy is free as part of your printing package.

Once you approve your physical proof, production begins. Your books are produced in our very own modern print factory.

Factory tours available on request.

IHP Distribution

If you elect to take part in our distribution service, InHouse Publishing distributes your books purchased via our online bookstore, physical bookstore, and quarterly wholesaler catalogue.

We store physical copies of your book at our Queensland premises for customers within Australia. When we receive an order via our online bookstore, we post it to the customer. The customer covers their postage costs (it is not taken out of the book sale price).

We send a quarterly wholesale catalogue to our network of libraries and distributors.  An industry standard 40% discount applies to all sales made through the wholesale distribution channel. IHP takes 15% commission from the book sale price for our admin duties.


An eBook is an affordable, globally accessible version of your title. eBooks are quickly and easily purchased by customers for download onto their eReader of choice.

We purchase an eBook-specific ISBN for your title before converting your book files into ePub or MOBI format (depending on the layout requirements of the book). We set up an Amazon account on your behalf, then pass the login information and account management over to you. Amazon pays royalties by cheque or directly into your bank account, depending on your payment nomination.


With the InHouse print-on-demand service, physical copies of your book are made internationally available through Amazon.com, .uk, .it, .fr. Print-ready files for your book are uploaded to Amazon, and as little as one copy of your book is printed only when ordered directly by the customer. Amazon then ships the customer’s order directly to the customer from the Amazon printing warehouse closest to them within the USA or Europe.

The beauty of the print-on-demand model is that it makes your book available to an international customer base, with the need to only print each book as it is purchased. Print-on-demand cuts out things like expensive international postal costs, or the need for printing and storing large quantities of printed books.

When you select the InHouse Publishing POD service, we set up your account and upload your book, then pass the log-in information and account management over to you.

Website Creation

A website is an essential promotional and sales tool for any author and their book/s. Being a part of the online community gives you access to more readers and book sales. Our website service includes the building of the site, plus one year of domain hosting and website management from the date of domain name purchase.  After one year, we can charge you to host and manage the website for another year, or we can transfer the website management to you.

Your InHouse-built website will:

  • Allow you to communicate with readers

  • Be a place for customers to purchase the book

  • Host your blog (if you want to write one)

  • Display your book reviews

  • List news and upcoming events

  • … And much more!

Author Interview

The author interview is an intimate interview between the author and a member of the InHouse Publishing team. As the author, you will be asked pertinent questions about your writing process, your book, where and how readers can engage with the book, and what’s coming in the future.

We film the interview from two angles, and after filming, edit the footage to create a concise, engaging interview for online use. The interview is edited using relevant imagery and animation and is a great marketing tool to use on your website, on social media, and to send to prospective wholesale or single sale buyers of your book.

The filming process will involve several takes, so don’t worry about getting it right the first time. After this, the editing process takes several weeks before we upload the interview to YouTube and your InHouse Publishing website (if you have one), and send you the file for your own marketing purposes.

Video Book Trailer

A video book trailer is a great way to advertise your book/s to readers. You can use it on social media, your website, in email campaigns, and more to generate interest in you and your book/s.

Your video book trailer will be created using images from your book/s, stock footage/photos, public domain music, and text bites.

Media Kit

TBA – new exciting service under construction!

Promotional Materials

We design and print promotional materials including flyers, business cards, bookmarks, pull-up banners, vinyl banners, A-frames, wide-format corflutes and other signage, sticker sheets, one-way car window stickers, fridge magnets, etc.

Get in touch and we can provide a custom quote.

Custom Graphic Design

We can quote and create custom designs. Perhaps you want a logo, or a complex email footer, or a design to print on your dog’s winter vest? Just talk to us—we’ll discuss the parameters of the request and negotiate an affordable and stylish custom design for you.

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