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Ocean Reeve

Independent Book Publishing is thriving!

InHouse Publishing has a strong team of independent publishing experts that offer the most up-to-date and creative input to any author’s book publishing journey. The most common question all potential authors have is, ‘How can I publish my book?’ Traditional publishing is one option, and self-publishing is another – but it is now Independent Book Publishing where the industry is flourishing.

This independent publishing company, InHouse Publishing, offers it all. We follow the same process as traditional publishing; we offer manuscript appraisal, editing and proofreading, interior formatting, cover design, and book production, so you can be confident that InHouse Publishing offers the most simplified, secure, and supported service in book publishing you could ever need. Now with a fully operational distribution department, we also have created a strong network with Australian wholesalers, libraries, and bookshops to ensure that our authors’ books have the best chance of success. InHouse Publishing also offers strategic and proven methods for the marketing and promotion of your published book. We assist you in setting up a promotional platform and provide the correct tools for you and your book so that you can shout from the rooftops, ‘My book is here!’

We don’t stop there – we also offer a focused eBook development and distribution package that has valued promotional tools, the ability to list your book through Amazon’s print-on-demand network to meet international demand, and we are always looking at new opportunities to assist independently published authors in succeeding with their publishing vision. For example, we represent selected authors’ books in ‘The Next Generation Indie Book Awards’, networking with associations committed to the development of the independent book publishing industry. Following a highly successful seminar tour of Melbourne and Sunshine Coast in 2015 we are continuing our mission to spread the word in 2016 including the Gold Coast, Western Australia and Brisbane along with revisiting both Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast later in the year. These seminars are combination of practical process education on the book publishing process and an inspirational approach to the reasons why we should write and publish. We fill the gap between traditional publishing and vanity/self-publishing. Independent Publishing is the way of the future, and it allows the author to still make final decisions, hold all rights to the work, and lead from the front. Welcome to your independent book publishing community at InHouse Publishing.

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It is the author who lives with passion, writes for months, even years, and it is the author who should enjoy and achieve the available success. The rewards, whether financial, emotional, professional, spiritual, or educational, are the author’s to enjoy. InHouse Publishing puts the author first. We give you all the tools required to truly achieve the goals you set, and guide you through the independent book publishing process with confidence.

For any writer, independent publishing is an incredibly powerful and alluring concept. On the simplest level, independent publishing is an intriguing solution to an age old problem: how do you get your story to a wider audience? On an artistic level, independent publishing is a fantastic extension of the creative process. Beyond putting words on the page, the independently published author controls every aspect and calls the shots, makes the final decision, and with guidance from professionals and experts in their field, creates the physical book and/or eBook and actively brings it to an audience with pride. At InHouse Publishing we understand this and listen to our authors, their book publishing goals, and aspirations for their independently published books.

The team that assist in publishing your work are all InHouse – from editors, designers, printers, binders, marketing experts, web designers, video producers, and more. We keep a strong grasp on the publishing process to ensure you have a trade standard publication to be proud of and the support behind it to release it with pride and confidence. Begin your publishing journey the right way with the simplified, secure and supported team that is InHouse Publishing. Your Independent Publishing journey starts here!

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The InHouse Publishing team has extensive experience and knowledge in assisting authors in the independent publishing and production of the following genres:

  • Children’s Books
  • Self-help Books
  • Fiction Books and Novels
  • Autobiographies and Biographies
  • Training Manuals
  • Graphic Novels
  • Business Books
  • Family History Books
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Books
  • Personal Memoirs
  • Hardcover Books
  • Cookbooks
  • Travel Books
  • Wiro Bound Books
  • Paperback Books of all kinds
  • Saddle-stitched Booklets
  • Historical Books
  • General Non-Fiction Books
  • Centenary Celebration Books
  • Sports Club Books
  • Educational Resource Books
  • Comic Books

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