InHouse Publishing has a strong team of independent publishing experts who offer the most up-to-date and creative input to any author’s book publishing journey. The first question all potential authors ask is, ‘How can I publish my book?’ Traditional publishing is one option, and self-publishing is another – but it is now Assisted Independent Book Publishing where the industry is flourishing.

This independent publishing company, InHouse Publishing, offers it all. We offer the same processes as traditional publishing: manuscript appraisals, editing and proofreading, interior formatting, cover design, book production, and marketing. So you can be confident that InHouse Publishing offers the most simplified, secure, and supported service in book publishing you could ever need – all under the one roof.

Now with a fully operational distribution department and online bookstore, we have created a strong network with Australian wholesalers, libraries, and bookshops to ensure that our authors’ books have the best chance of success. InHouse Publishing also offers strategic and proven methods for the marketing and promotion of your published book. We assist you in setting up a promotional platform and provide the correct tools for you and your book so that you can shout from the rooftops, ‘My book is here!’

Our eBook development and distribution package, ability to list your book through Amazon’s print-on-demand network to meet international demand, exclusive Book Marketing Mentorship program, wholesale distribution, and drop-shipping services are just scratching the surface of further marketing and distribution opportunities we offer at InHouse Publishing.

InHouse Publishing fills the gap between traditional publishing and vanity/self-publishing. Assisted Independent Publishing is the way of the future, and it allows the author to still make final decisions, hold all rights to the work, and lead from the front.

Welcome to your independent book publishing community at InHouse Publishing.

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Download your free copy of 'From our house to InHouse"
Download your free copy of 'From our house to InHouse"