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The team at InHouse Publishing understands that every book is different and every author is different and they should be treated as such.

Bring your book to life

InHouse Publishing offers it all. We offer manuscript appraisals, editing and proofreading, interior formatting, cover design, book production, and marketing. So, you can be confident that InHouse Publishing will guide you through your self-publishing journey with expertise and care.

Book marketing to get your book out there

InHouse Publishing offers strategic and proven methods for the marketing and promotion of your published book. We assist you to set up your promotional platform and provide the tools for you to successfully market your book.

Why Choose Us?

InHouse Publishing has a passionate and caring team of publishing experts who offer the most up-to-date and creative input into any author’s book publishing journey. The first question all potential authors ask is, ‘How can I publish my book?’ However, the question you need to be asking is, ‘How can I publish my book successfully?’ Success means different things to every author. Whether you want to publish your book for financial, spiritual, personal, or professional reasons, or simply to have fun and express your creativity, InHouse Publishing will guide you along your journey and help you to achieve your book publishing success.

Self-publishing services usually stop when the books have been produced. You’re then sent on your way to do what you can with your print copies. At InHouse Publishing, we have made book distribution easier by giving our authors the opportunity to sell their books both online ( and in-store (Parramatta Road, Underwood, Qld). We also send our quarterly catalogues to wholesalers and distributors Australia-wide, to make sure your book is accessible to book buyers all over the country. Along with our tailored author website development, author platform modules, and eBook and Amazon print-on-demand services, there’s no reason not to successfully present and sell your book to eager readers.

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I have only praise for this wonderful company.

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Their dedication and attention to detail in publishing my book have been invaluable. I would recommended them to anyone looking to publish their work. – Cassandra Stephens, author of What Can I See?

I am extremely happy with the experience.

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I have just published my first book with InHouse Publishing and I am extremely happy with the experience. I didn't want to self-publish but nor did I wish to have all control taken from me by a conventional publishing house. InHouse Publishing offered the perfect solution for me. They edited, etc., printed and gave advice through mentoring on how to market my book. Even though I have launched my book, which was extremely successful, I am still working with InHouse Publishing on marketing and advertising. They are a wonderful group of professionals to work with and I couldn't be happier that I found InHouse Publishing online and have followed through with them. I believe we are going to have a long and happy relationship. – Janet Pattison, author of Fun in the Clouds

My experience with InHouse Publishing has been totally positive.

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The process of bringing your creation to life can be a complex one, but with InHouse Publishing this is not the case. The design, editorial, and administration teams are professional and courteous, and prompt with replies to the many questions that arise with publishing a book. They have a website design and mentoring service which encourages the novice author, starting them on their marketing journey. Once the publishing is completed, InHouse Publishing staff happily respond to any further queries. I highly recommend this family business for any of your publishing needs. – Kathryn Berryman, author of Erinland

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